Get the Most Out of Your Study Abroad

Living abroad is a unique, life-altering experience and can seem intimidating, especially for students with little travel experience. To make sure that your time overseas is successful and enjoyable, it’s important to be informed about your destination and the challenges you may face there.

OVPDEMA has compiled a collection of resources that will help you plan for your journey. Browse these resources to learn about the impact of study abroad on a student’s life, prepare for overseas travel, and identify ways to prevent or deal with common issues.

Institute of International Education, “Open Doors Data”

Diversity Abroad, “7 Strategies for Embracing Cultural Immersion”

University of California, Merced, “What Statistics Show about Study Abroad Students”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Travelers’ Health”

IU Office of Overseas Study, “Safety and Responsibility Guidelines”

IU Office of Overseas Study, “Summary List of Health/Safety/Security Items”

MyWorldAbroad, “Top Tips and Student Quotes”

US Department of State, “How Do I Apply for a Passport?”

US Department of State, “Learn about Your Destination”

US Department of State, “Traveler’s Checklist”

Center for Global Education, “Sexual Harassment and Prevention in College Students Studying Abroad”

Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE) Blogs, Gap Year Abroad Blog, “An LGBT Student Guide to Studying Abroad”

IU Office of Overseas Study, “Diversity, Identity and Accessibility Resources”

IES Abroad, Student Blogs

IES Abroad, Student Diversity Access

University of Minnesota, “Access Abroad”

I have noticeably matured in my self-sufficiency, my confidence, and my consideration of others while learning to unapologetically live life to the fullest.

Vanessa Schwieterman, 21st Century Scholar - Dominican Republic, Summer 2019